For 15 years PORTA APERTA agency has been continuously involved in providing linguistic and translation /interpretation services in Montenegrin and foreign languages as well as language courses for children and adults.

PORTA APERTA carries out its business activities in Montenegro, the entire former Yugoslavia and in many European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Russia, etc.)

In carrying out all our activities, the basic principle applied is to guarantee a high level of transparency and credibility in our work with our clients, which includes total confidentiality.

Language training

PORTA APERTA organises two types of language training:

  • Foreign language courses for students from Montenegro;
  • Montenegrin language courses for foreigners.

The most frequent manner of organizing courses is for individuals or small groups with a maximum of four participants.

PORTA APERTA is flexible in terms of language courses schedule, in line with the commitments of the participants.

After the completed foreign language course in Montenegro, we offer the possibility of further mastering the selected language in a country where the language is native (United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, etc.)

Foreign Language courses delivered by teachers who speak both the students’ mother tongue and the respective foreign language are also supervised by teachers who are native speakers.

Team Porta Aperta

PORTA APERTA’s permanent team of employees can boast a high linguistic profile and administrative skills. PORTA APERTA often participates in the most complex linguistic and translation projects during the transitional period that Montenegro and the region have been undergoing, which is the confirmation of the quality of service and professionalism. Members of our interpretation team are frequently hired to interpret in Brussels, where we also take part in various training courses for interpreters/translators and (written and oral) tests.

We are the only translation agency in Montenegro which is actively participating in international conferences on translation and interpreting, some of them being: Conference on External Translation for candidate and potential candidate countries, Brussels 2011. (; the first international TTT Conference dedicated to translation technology and terminology (http://www.trans- Zadar 2013.
PORTA APERTA is also the master franchisor for Montenegro for international Helen Doron English school for children and teenagers from 3 months to 19 years of age. Contact us for more information:


Translation/interpretation services for the most frequent combinations from Montenegrin into foreign languages and vice versa:

English German
Dutch Danish
Svedish Norwegian
French Italian
Spanish Portuguese
Russian Ukrainian
Bulgarian Macedonian
Polish Czech
Slovakian Slovenian
Greek Latin
Turkish Arabic
Hungarian Finnish
Japanese Chinese

Our standard translation and interpretation offer includes the so-called combinations "from a foreign language into another foreign language", such as:

English–Russian; English–Ukrainian; English–German; English–French; English–Italian; English–Albanian; Russian–Ukrainian; Czech–Slovakian; Macedonian– German; French–Italian, etc.

PORTA APERTA is the only translation agency in Montenegro specialized in Italian language, in addition to everyday work in all of the languages listed above. Our services also include the possibility of adapting the languages versions of former Yugoslav republics (Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian) into the Montenegrin language and vice versa, as well as proofreading of all types of texts in the Montenegrin language (diploma papers, Master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, publications, websites, etc.). Videos, advertising materials, publications and films are also part of our interpretation and translation activities, including public reading as necessary.

Proofreading of our translations is done solely by native speakers who are familiar with both the sourceandtargetlanguages.

In addition to philology professionals and court- certified translators, our team includes professional associates/consultants who speak foreign languages and are specialized in specific areas (economics, law, technical sciences in the broadest sense of the word, with particular emphasis on energy, medicine, arts, defense and security...)

Within our network of translators and associates, we work directly with agencies from the region and the world (Serbia, BiH, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Turkey, USA, United Kingdom...)

Since its establishment PORTA APERTA has been providing consecutive and simultaneous interpretation of press conferences related to various topics and fields.

A team of consecutive and conference interpreters is available to our clients on a daily basis, both in Montenegro and abroad.


Porta Aperta provides both expertise and technical support in processing of complex documents submitted for translation. Translated files are returned to the client in its original form and format.

Porta Aperta offers Virtual Assistant services during your business stay in Montenegro to make it easier for you to deal with the local companies: making appointments, sending/receving emails, faxes, logistic support, etc.

Domestic Clients

  • Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism A contract for translation services valued at €:
    • 31.326,86€ from 2009 – 30.12.2010
    • 58.987,15 from 13.01.2011 – 30.12.2011
    • 60.000,00€ from 30.12.2011. until the expiry date
  • Ministry of Economy - A contract for translation services valued at:
    • 18.010,75€ from 2009 – 16.06.2011
    • 48.438,00 from 06.2011 – 06.2013
    • 50.000€ fro 11.12.2014.-until the contract value has been exhausted
  • Ministry of Justice A contract for translation services valued at:
    • 30.846,33€ from 04.2012 – 05.2013
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Telecommunications
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Science
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Interior
  • NCB Interpol Podgorica
  • The Supreme State Prosecutor’s office
  • The State Protocol Montenegro
  • Office of the President of Montenegro
  • Office of the Prime Minister of Montenegro
  • The Parliament of Montenegro
  • General Secretariat of the Government of Montenegro
  • Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council (MFIC)
  • Crnogorski Telekom (the main land-line service provider in Montenegro)
  • Directorate for Protection of Classified Data
  • EPCG - Electric Power Industry of Montenegro
  • CGES - Montenegro Power Transmission System
  • Institute of Public Health
  • Clinical Center of Montenegro
  • Phytosanitary Administration
  • Institute of Marine Biology, Kotor
  • Regional center for divers training in underwater demining, Bijela
  • The Capital City of Podgorica
  • The Old Royal Capital of Cetinje
  • The Municipality of Bar
  • The Port of Bar
  • Real Estate Administration
  • Human Resources Administration
  • The Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro
  • The World Bank office of Montenegro
  • P.E. "Water and Sewerage Utility", Podgorica
  • Landfield Ltd, Podgorica
  • Ironworks, Nikšić
  • National Tourism Organization of Montenegro
  • Tourist Organization of Bar
  • Tourist Organization of Podgorica
  • "The Luxury Collection"
  • Porto Montenegro
  • Luštica Development
  • Montenegrin National Theatre
  • Marketing Agency "MAPA"
  • Montenegro Airlines
  • "Bemax" d.o.o., Podgorica
  • Normal Company
  • Studio GRAD d.o.o
  • RLC Montenegro
  • Hotel "Maestral", Pržno
  • Hotel "Mediteran", Bečići
  • Hotel "Avala", Budva
  • Hotel "Bjanca", Kolašin
  • Hotel "Splendid", Bečići
  • Radio Television Montenegro
  • The Customs Administration
  • Agency for congress tourism Talas – M,
  • Budva Lovcen Insurance
  • Montenegro Defence Industry
  • Alter Modus, Micro Credit Financial Institution
  • Mont fides
  • AMC Communications
  • Fleka d.o.o.
  • Association of municipalities of Montenegro

Law and Notary Offices in Montenegro and Italy

Gorana Rodića, Dragana Prelevića, Zorice Đukanović, Igora Ivanovića, Marika Novaković, Novaka Lakovića, Jovović Mugoša Vuković, Anka Stojković, Darka Ćurića, Tamare Durutović, Monica Bonfanti, SPADAFORA DE ROSA...

Foreign Clients

  • Terna S.p.A., Italy
  • Terna DOO Crna Gora (Terna Montenegro Ltd.)
  • A2A S.p.A., Italy
  • EU Delegation to Montenegro
  • TAIEX , IBF(Technical Assistance Information Exchange Unit); A contract for translation services valued at: 200.000,00€for(consecutiveand simultaneous) interpreting for the English and German language
  • School of Public Administration (ReSPA), Danilovgrad – contract for translation services valued at 142.000,00€ for English languagesimultaneous and consecutive interpreting and written translation
  • ANAS International Enterprise S.p.A.,Roma
  • Louis Berger
  • EGIS International, France
  • Fratelli Anastasi srl, Italy
  • ALDA – Association of Agencies for Local Democracy, Italy
  • E&G S.r.l.,Italy
  • S.I.M.A.N. S.r.l., Italy
  • Queens Beach Development Co
  • Voith Hydro GmbH
  • Biocompost Irpinoo SRL
  • Centrale del Latte di Torino & C.S.p.A.
  • GIZ
  • UNDP
  • The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), Podgorica
  • D'Appolonia S.p.A., Italy
  • DFS Engineering, Italy
  • The Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea
  • COSV Montenegro (Italian NGO)
  • ALPINE Bau GmbH, Austrija
  • Center of legal Competence, Austrija
  • Embassy of the United States of America in Montenegro
  • Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Montenegro
  • Embassy of the Republic of France in Montenegro
  • Embassy of the Republic of France in Serbia
  • Veneto Promozione S.c.p.A. – Marghera
  • Fumagalli S.P.A.
  • Toshiba T&D Europe
  • Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change – Lecce
  • Council of Europe
  • GFA South East Europe (Regional Energy Efficiency Programme for the Western Balkans)
  • Siemens
  • OSCE Mission in Montenegro
  • UNICEF Montenegro Voith Hydro GmbH Regional